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Indigo Dreams Artkit
Indigo Dreams Artkit
Indigo Dreams Artkit

Indigo Dreams Artkit

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The ultimate artist's tool kit! What we love most about this is that it lays flat unlike the roll-up kits that can get quite bulky!

Dimensions: Closed – 5” x 9” . Open - 15” x 9”

- A 3-fold tool kit that closes with a tie-up.
- It has 6 pockets and can accommodate around 36 standard pencils/ 24 sigma microns.
- A top flap to safely hold in your tools no matter how it is held.
- A 4” x 4” slip pocket on the the flap for your smaller tools like an eraser, sharpener or inks.

*Disclaimer*: The tools shown in the pictures are only for representational purposes and does not come with the kit.

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