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Set of any 2

Set of any 2

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Don't you hate it when you're painting, but the paper doesn't do justice to the paint? 

Well, our watercolour sketchbooks promise phenomenal results; always. 

The hardbound book with 30 pages of 440 GSM Chitrapat paper provides a sturdy base for multiple layers of paint - as per your use 🎨

This set of three watercolour sketchbooks is our first collaboration with the immensely talented Vipin a.k.a @SKETCHPLORE whose stunning art adorns each of the covers 😍

What makes our books stand out?

- Locally handmade
- Naturally cured
- 100% Cotton
- Acid-free
- Rough grain
- Handy size (190 x 140 mm)

For anyone with a passion for painting, our watercolour sketchbooks are a steadfast companion on your next creative venture.

The last two pictures are paintings done by @artofroshan on his Lilorosh watercolour sketchbook. It shows the texture of the paper and how the paper interacts with the paints.
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