Our Story

Lilo and Rosh first met in the December of 2009, when on a trip to Bangalore, Rosh visited Lilia's flatmate at their home. Coincidentally, she’d come home that day, with a whole bunch of new bags, as her office, a lifestyle and home decor company, was having a major sale. While introducing them to each other, their friend told Rosh about Lilia's very uncharacteristic purchase and even ended up showing him all the bags she had bought! Later that evening, Rosh and Lilia connected over their shared interest for art and photography. A few weeks later, when Rosh sent Lilia a friend request on Facebook, his first message to her read “ Hey, crazy bag lady”! Now, who would have thought that a few years down the lane they would be married and making bags together!

A couple of years in to the marriage, Rosh (@artofroshan) , a State award* winning Children's book illustrator, comic book artist and animation film director, asked Lilia, a fashion designer, if she could make a bag for him to carry around his art supplies when sketching outdoors. Lilia rose to the challenge and together they designed and created the very first prototype of what would later become Lilorosh's signature product - the "Artie". To their utter surprise and joy, Rosh’s colleagues loved the bag and asked if Lilia could make these for them too ! In a few months, they had more orders than they could handle! That's when they decided to go public and LILOROSH (@lilorosh) was born! At their little studio, each bag is handcrafted with utmost passion and reverence. Lilo and Rosh derives immense joy from designing and making high quality, utilitarian products for their clients. We warmly welcome you to the happy world of Lilorosh!




* Kerala State Award for the Best Children's Book Artist for the year 2021.