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Bags for artists


Your mini studio-on-the-go!

From sketchbooks and pencils to paints and brushes, each item finds its place within the bag's organized compartments, ensuring visibility and easy access.

This meticulously designed and handcrafted bag promises a seamless & immersive creative experience for all outdoor sketching enthusiasts, whether an urban sketcher or a plein-air artist.




Introducing the ultimate travel companion for the creative soul - the Lilorosh Smartie. Elevate your art-making experience with its perfect blend of functionality and style.

These compact, innovatively designed kits securely hold your essential art supplies, enabling you to sketch effortlessly on-the-go.

Be ready to capture inspiration anytime, anywhere with the Lilorosh Smartie! To top it, our Smarties are designed to be right and left hand friendly!


fabric TOOL CASE


Introducing our take on the timeless classic - the artist's roll-up case.

Crafted with the contemporary creative in mind, this beautiful and durable fabric kit allows you to store & carry your art supplies safely, and with ease.

Whether folded flat or rolled up into a neat little burrito, this versatile kit is perfect for artists on the go.




Crafted with premium paper and adorned with an array of stunning, original artwork, there's a perfect match for every personality and style. Whether you are treating yourself or shopping for a loved one, these books make exceptional gifts, sure to inspire and delight anyone with a passion for art or a penchant for high quality, aesthetic stationery.

Available in a wide variety of papers, sizes, and bindings, our books provide the perfect canvas for your imagination to flourish, whether you're a budding artist or a seasoned creator.


I had the pleasure of discovering Lilia Jose and Roshan Kurichiyanil a couple of years ago through Facebook. They were advertising a new product they were creating called an Artie. Arties are wonderful, handmade completely customizable art satchels. I saw what they were doing and I instantly fell in love with their product.

It was then that I decided to order two. One for painting and one for drawing. After contacting these two wonderful entrepreneurs I became not just a fan of their product but also a huge fan of them as well. Working with them to create the right Artie was a joy. The care that they showed me was so appreciated and made creating just the right Artie an absolute pleasure.

Aaron Blaise

Oscar-nominated director, renowned for his work on "The Lion King," "Brother Bear" and numerous other beloved Disney films.