About Aaron Blaise

Is there anyone here unfamiliar with the legendary Aaron Blaise? We doubt it!

Aaron grew up near Corkscrew Swamp, amidst the lush and vibrant landscapes of Florida. As a spirited “wild child”, he revelled in drawing, painting, and exploring nature – barefoot, bare-chested and often covered in ticks! However, having never expected to make a living off art, when the time came, he almost gave it up for a job in forestry. Fortunately, his stepfather recognized his prodigious talent and steered him towards his true calling in art.

After graduating from the Ringling College of Art in 1989 with a degree in illustration, Aaron, at just 20 years of age, secured a coveted internship at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Thus began a remarkable two-decade journey with Disney, during which he contributed his animation prowess to beloved classics like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan, and Pocahontas. Most famously, he shaped the character of young Nala in the animated masterpiece - The Lion King. Progressing to the role of director, Aaron earned an Oscar nomination for Brother Bear (2003) at the 76th Academy Awards.

Inspired by the invaluable mentorship he received from Glen Keane during his tenure at Disney, Aaron, alongside business partner Nick Burch, founded CreatureArtTeacher, a platform where he generously shares his expertise through instructional videos and tutorials, elevating the skills of aspiring artists worldwide. Aaron’s deep passion and mastery of wildlife art coupled with his unwavering commitment to animation and teaching have garnered him a devoted following globally.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have caught the attention of Aaron Blaise during Lilorosh’s formative years. The sheer disbelief and utter joy that flooded us upon receiving his order for two of our Arties will forever be etched in our memories. For over 8 years, Aaron has trusted and traveled extensively with our Artie bags. His steadfast support and shoutouts have been indispensable to our growth over the years. This collaboration with Aaron Blaise is a dream realized, and we've poured our hearts into honoring his remarkable legacy. We hope you'll cherish this collection as much as we do.